Yoga, Mindfulness & Massage

Yoga, Massage and Creative Mindfulness techniques workshops for Primary and Secondary aged children

Yoga‘An average classroom in the UK of thirty pupils is likely to include three with a mental health problem, seven who are being bullied and six who are self-harming. It is widely recognised that schools have a role to play in facilitating pupil’s success by supporting them to be resilient and mentally healthy’.

‘Becoming aware of the world around you and how you and others are feeling is an important skill for mental wellbeing. This means getting out of our heads and taking notice of how are bodies are feeling and functioning. Reflecting on experiences helps people appreciate what matters to them. Mindfulness enables this skill and is becoming increasingly popular. Mindfulness derives from meditation practices which have been recognised as profoundly helpful for wellbeing for several millennia.’
p48: Better Mental Health for All: A Public Health Approach to Mental Health Improvement (2016)

What we offer?

  • Yoga, peer-massage and Creative Mindfulness Techniques workshops for primary and secondary aged pupils.
  • Delivery of the Massage In Schools Program (MISP) as a whole school approach or for individual classes.
  • Sessions for transition, SATS and exams.
  • Sessions as a pre-school and after-school club.
  • Sessions as part of a PE or PSHE syllabus.
  • Sessions in the community.
  • A DBS checked, fully insured Qualified Arts Wellbeing practitioner, Massage In Schools Instructor and Children’s Yoga teacher with lots of experience in working with young people and children.

What do these groups involve?

  • YogaSessions typically last from 45mins to 1hour 30mins.
  • Sessions can be adapted to cater for the groups needs and can involve Yoga, using the Yoga Bananas technique, (
  • Creative Mindfulness Techniques through the Arts such as nature drawing, sensory activities, and peer to peer massage for 3-11 year olds using the Massage In Schools Program (MISP). One or all of these elements can be included.
  • For secondary aged children: we can at present offer our Massage in Schools Program for Y7 and to assist with their transition and Creative Mindfulness Activities for pupils aged 11-16.
  • Our children’s yoga for 3-11year olds covers all aspects of yoga; breathing, meditation, storytelling, relaxation, visualisation and discipline. Classes also have a strong focus on body awareness and aim to improve the children’s relationship to their bodies, leadership and teamwork and emotional literacy.
  • Groups are very sensory and make use of a variety of equipment and natural resources to aid the children’s development of healthy touch and to offer a mindful way of relaxing.

What are the benefits from these groups?

  • YogaImproved flexibility and posture and helps develop better motor skills.
  • Improved concentration, self-esteem and confidence.
  • Improved ways to manage stress and anxiety and become calmer.
  • Helps children recognise ‘good’ and ‘bad’ touch.
  • Teaches children to respect themselves and others helping reduces bullying and aggressive behaviour.
  • Improved self-awareness, awareness of others and of the world around them.
  • Techniques to enable focus on the present moment.
  • In a recent piece of work we have delivered for Y6 children in preparation for their SATS, 59% had said the most stressful thing in their lives was tests.
  • 76% of the children whom we worked with used Yoga throughout the 10 week program when they were stressed to help them calm down.
  • 100% of the children enjoyed the sessions.
  • 56% said they had noticed an improvement in their sleep.
  • 92% felt their concentration had improved since starting yoga.
  • 96% of children thought they would like to continue yoga after we had finished the sessions.


  • Classes can be delivered in schools or local community venues.
  • We are looking into running a number of community groups. If you wish to find out more details send us an email and we will update you as soon as we can.


  • Cost depends on the needs of a school, class size, distance to travel etc. so please contact us should you wish for more information.

Testimonials from children:

I liked learning yoga because then I could spread it around with friends. I especially liked the breathing moves of yoga.
Bobby aged 8

I enjoyed everything especially meditation because I love going on an adventure. Yoga has really helped because in the morning I’m stressed but yoga has really calmed me down.
Holly aged 9

What I enjoyed about yoga is the freedom that you feel inside when you do it. It helped me with my confidence and to overcome my stress. I use it at home all the time and I think a lot more children should.
Catherine aged 11

I really enjoyed yoga because it helped me with my aches and pains I had that day. Also it made me feel much better about SATS and it was fun and relaxing.
Lizzy aged 11

Testimonials from schools:

Thank you so much for you energy, patience and enthusiasm for the sessions. I was not sure how the children would be with this venture but it has been such a success mainly due to you and the way you have organised and led the sessions. Thank you so much.
Y6 Teacher, Ms Kesper, Sedlescombe Primary school

The Teaching of our younger children who really look forward to seeing you each week as well as simply loving their after-school club of Yoga activities and games – and our Year 6 classes – have been an excellent development for us this year – and added something extra to our work on pupil’s wellbeing and mental health. Thank you – and we look forward to your continued teaching in our school next year.
Ms Ham, Head teacher at Sedlescombe Primary school