Remarkable Me

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‘Chris has really enjoyed coming and I have had no trouble getting him here. He would really like to come back. He never wants to go back anywhere!’

Remarkable Me aims to target children that are experiencing stress and difficulties in their lives due to poor self-esteem and negative self-belief and as a result maybe failing to reach their potential. We will be using the Arts throughout each session to help awaken and inspire children to develop their creativity which we believe will motivate and encourage them to overcome hurdles, try new things, learn new skills, enhance their emotional literacy and develop their resilience.

Throughout the 11 week program we will use many different creative art forms such as; Music and movement, Dance, Drama, Arts and Crafts, and Singing to enhance the learning, development and communication process.

Remarkable MeThese tools will be used to aid the children in their journey of self-discovery and building a positive sense of self. We will be exploring the ideas of identity, encouraging the group to explore their strengths and attributes and find confidence in themselves.

In addition there will be a strong focus on leadership throughout the program, participants will be encouraged to step up into leadership roles and those completing the program will be invited to support additional groups in the role of peer mentor.

Throughout the program we will be aiming to build a safe, nurturing and supportive group that we believe will enable your child to unlock their power and build inner strength, instil hope and inspiration, build an attitude of gratitude for the world around us, overcome fears and improve relationships with others by looking at how we can learn from one another.

Timings: 11 weeks after school (including meet and greet session)
Arrival time: from 15.30
Start time: 15.45
End time: 17.30
Ages: 8 – 12 years old
Location: King Offa Primary Academy
Down Road
Bexhill on Sea
East Sussex TN39 4HS

Dates of Next program

  • Meet & Greet – 19th September
  • Week 1 – 26th September
  • Week 2 – 3rd October
  • Week 3 – 10th October
  • Week 4 – 17th October
  • Week 5 – 31st October
  • Week 6 – 7th November
  • Week 7 – 14th November
  • Week 8 – 21st November
  • Week 9 – 28th November
  • Week 10 – 5th December

All facilitators and volunteers are fully DBS checked and have years of experience working with children and young people using the Arts to enhance self-esteem. In addition we have three qualified first aiders on site.

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Testimonials from parents

‘We would definitely like Felix to continue remarkable me once it starts up again in October. I think because of his age he needs a bit more time to understand what hopes and dreams means and also to understand his own emotions. Certainly we have seen changes in Felix even in this short space of time. The home activities have helped to increase his creativity but most of all his confidence in his abilities. He comes back from every session happy and full of beans’.

‘I just cry when I think of remarkable me and what you’ve done for Ashleigh. She has made so much progress. Still more to go and another course would be great to embed it at a deeper level, so definitely yes to October’.

‘I wanted to take the opportunity to say how very much Enyd is enjoying Remarkable me – she has skipped out every week and is always eager to attend on a Wednesday. She had already spoken about being able to carry on next term so I think we are very likely to be signing her up for the October course. She is also very keen to help out on the 14th August summer event which I think is directly related to how much she is enjoying the course – we will be signing up tomorrow’.

More comments from parents and carers from our 2nd program

‘Very ingenious program, much appreciated!’

‘Sarah has thoroughly enjoyed the course. She has looked forward to every session and enjoyed the creative journaling’

‘James has really enjoyed Remarkable Me and talks excitedly about it all the time. He has started to explore emotions more and seems more willing to try new things.’

‘Natalie has really enjoyed Remarkable Me, she’s also wanting to attend sessions and comes out feeling happy.’

‘Charlotte has really enjoyed the course and has gained from it. Thank-you to all of the staff for being so caring and helping the children.’

‘I Think the course has helped… ‘Peter’… with his confidence and he has enjoyed being with all of the other children . The staff have been very supportive and encouraging. Thank-you.’

‘Chris has really enjoyed coming and I have had no trouble getting him here. He would really like to come back. He never wants to go back anywhere!’

‘Remarkable me has been wonderful for ‘Marie’. She has showed so much enthusiasm for it and her increased confidence has made our lives a little easier. We’re really, really pleased with her progression and the little ways it shows up in her life. Great. Thank-you.’

‘Rachel has really enjoyed her time with you. She has been excited every Wednesday. Her difficulties engaging in the homework is typical behaviour for her not because the tasks are too difficult.’

Remarkable Me