Health & Wellbeing Workshops in East Sussex

Calm Farm provides a range of dynamic workshops for children, young people and staff in schools, colleges or any other organisation, to promote health and well-being. These workshops help to raise awareness, they are fun and interactive, encourage communication skills and raise confidence and self-esteem. You can simply choose from the list below, which can be adapted to your requirements, or suggest other subjects, depending on your needs.

Workshops for teens

Workshops for Teens

  • Anger management
  • Drug awareness
  • Alcohol & road safety
  • Bullying
  • Building self-esteem
  • Mindfulness

Workshops for children

Safety Kids

  • Mindfulness
  • Anger management
  • Bullying
  • Raising self-esteem
Calm Farm’s health and well-being workshops run for an hour and include 3D training aids and models, games, quiz’s & other fun educational activities.

Workshops for adults


  • Stress busting and relaxation
  • Confidence building
  • Understanding mental health issues
  • Basic counselling skills

All workshops listed for children and young people are also available for adults and professionals wishing to develop more awareness and broaden their knowledge. Running times and content can be tailored to meet needs and requirements of the group.

For more information please contact us either by email or phone and a member of staff will be happy to answer any of your questions.

All our facilitators are fully CRB checked


‘Just to say Leo has been a star with our young people, I feel he has had some challenging young people in the group however despite this he is making an impact and his approach is fantastic, very versatile.’
Denton Island Youth Group, Newhaven

‘Our learners have discussed several issues that have arisen from your workshops and have linked them to units they have been studying as part of their curriculum. Very impressed!’
Tutor at Hastings college

‘Your workshops were well prepared, appropriate and delivered with good rapport with our students.’
Vinehall School

‘All students enjoyed the workshops, and have a better understanding of confidence building techniques, body language and how to prepare themselves for interviews.’
Tutor at Hastings college

‘You tried to cater for all levels of learners. Good language for learners with learning disabilities and delivered with a good sense of humour, which is important with our learners when meeting new people.’
Tutor at Hastings college