Forum Theatre Work & Singing Groups in East Sussex

Forum Theatre Work

Calm Farm’s professional actress and creative therapist will work with young people on real life scenarios and have them act them out in a safe and sensitive setting.

The ideas and scenarios are all young person lead but fully supervised and supported at all times.

The theatre work focuses on making better decisions which in turn lead to better and less risky outcomes. Subjects for the theatre forum can vary from bullying to coping with stress or bereavement to antisocial behaviour. Again, the subjects can also be tailored to specific requirements.

Drama workshops linked to curriculum

DancingIf you wanted to explore a more creative way for the children to express themselves, while building their confidence we can develop bespoke drama workshops that are linked to their curriculum such as Myths and Legends, Cultural differences, Victorians, Pirates and Princesses, Animal welfare, Saving the Planet or even the Weather.

Singing groups

Glee Club Calm Farm’s vocal tutor will come to your school, college or any other venue to work with your groups either as part of an enrichment programme or simply for a one off event to expand their creative knowledge and build confidence.

These singing groups encourage people to express themselves in a completely new and creative way while building confidence and self-esteem.

They will teach a variety of vocal styles while building on technique and vocal range and ultimately working towards an end performance to show off their amazing achievement.

Musical styles

These workshops include a wide range of contemporary, pop and classical standards. We’re also running various other music projects that celebrate our culturally diverse community through a wide range of songs from around the world. You will learn how to sing in different languages, explore different beats, rhythms, sounds and learn how to sing a range of harmonies to expand your vocal talent.

All Creative Facilitators are fully CRB checked


‘The vocal workshop was fantastic, Rachel managed to attract a large gathering of children, all of which were extremely shy, but after the master class with her all of them performed in front of a huge gathering on a stage in Central Brighton. The workshop was worth its money and more.’
Brighton University (Brighton Fringe Festival)

‘Thank you for your workshop delivery and making the trek to BBC Blast in Bexhill. The weather didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits and we estimate at least 1100 young people took part in Blast activities over the three days, which was fantastic. The feedback from young participants, my WEX team, school, college and university staff all extremely positive and as usual the quality of content produced was outstanding’.
BBC Blast

‘The children responded well to the choreographer who was friendly and encouraging. The vocal tutor was really kind and supportive and the children responded well to this input also’.
Dragonflies, Bexhill

‘The end result when the children performed in front of parents was great and they showed good discipline in rehersals. The children really enjoyed using the microphones and the end performance. Well done Calm Farm and thank you. We will definatly book you again’.
Dragonflies, Bexhill

‘Your singing group has been such a sucess for our enrichment programme. The students have committed each week and love performing when they get the chance. We will definately have you back next year’.
Hastings College