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Music and Sensory Groups for Babies & Toddlers

Babies and toddlers love music and often this is how they communicate for the first time, whether it's through gesture, smiling or action.
Calm Farm's Music and Sensory groups are amazing and completely unique. They provide many different exciting experiences that are great fun for babies, toddlers and parents to share in the important first years. During the first 2 years of a baby's life they learn using their sensory motor skills and at Calm Farm we aim to assist this process through the use of our wonderful lighting equipment and wide range of sensory activities.

These groups are designed to promote all areas of your child's development which is inline with the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

What do Calm Farm's groups involve?

Beautiful World instruments and sound effects
Makaton and baby massage
Amazing light projectors
Wonderful colourful puppets
Parachutes and drums
Singing songs and rhyme time 
Dancing and learning actions
Musical games and fun activities
Under the Sea sensory activity
Bubble machine and amazing props
Social time 


What are the benefits from these groups?

baby, mum & drum

Build confidence and self-esteem in groups and individually
Expand creative imagination, expression and emotional development
Have fun while increasing listening and sharing skills
Learn different rhythms, tones and patterns
Help language development and communication skills
Encourage bonding and interaction with children and parents
Increase physical development, motor skills and coordination
Help parents and carers to meet others and build relationships











All Saints Church hall (next to All Saints School)
All Saints Lane
East Sussex
TN39 5HA

There is free parking all around the hall and church as well as surrounding roads.

This is NOT a drop in service. Please call or email us if you wish to attend.


Baby group 0 - toddlers (wrigglers, rollers & crawlers)
Thursdays 11.00 - 11.50

Toddler group 12 months - pre-school (walkers, talkers and gigglers)
Thursdays 12.00 - 12.50 

Fee - £5



'Just want to say that this group is fantastic. It's Chesters favourite group that he attends and mine!
It has a lovely welcoming atmosphere and there is so many stimulating things for Chester and the others to enjoy. The people that run it put a lot of time and effort into each session and I feel very lucky that we get the chance to attend this group.'
Mummy from Music and Sensory group, Bexhill


'Bess is now 8 months & I've been attending the group since the summer.
We both really enjoyed it and I came away with some nice ideas that I could do with Bess at home. I like the way each session is themed .It's all very cheery and above all great fun!
We look forward to it every week.
Thanks to all the team for their hard work each week'.
Mrs C. Thomas
November 2014
Mummy from Music and Sensory group, Bexhill


'Calm Farm is the highlight of mine and Noah's week, his development, concentration and enjoyment grows more each week and the atmosphere is just lovely. The staff put so much into every session, the joy shows on their faces aswell as the mummy's and baby's faces. I feel very lucky that we attend such a special group  X'
Mummy from Music & Sensory group, Bexhill


'The children have thoroughly enjoyed ALL sessions at Calm Farm. They are so friendly and approachable and the children and staff feel comfortable with them. The sessions have been brilliant. It has given the children the opportunity to use instruments that we do not have at Preschool and it has made me decide to source these instruments for our children, especialy the drums and thunder maker. As you can imagine the drums went down an absolute storm and were a raging success. The under the sea cover was so magical and had the children in awe watching the fish, pearls and sea weed hanging from underneath. I WANT ONE !!!!!!!
It has been an excellent experience also enhanced by the use of Makaton which we use at Preschool'.
Mini Moos nursery, St Leonards

'Faye enjoys singing and dancing and loves the sensory session especially the stars. I feel Faye's sharing skills have improved greatly since attending Calm Farm, as she has to wait for her turn when rolling the ball! I think the mirror game is Faye's favourite closely followed by the tickle game. When we turn out the lights, listen to the lovely music and play with the flashing toys I feel a sense of calm and closeness to Faye. Thanks to you both for making Calm Farm so rewarding'
Evelyn and Faye xxx
Mummy from music & sensory group, St Leonards

'The instruments and puppets were really wonderful and the children really enjoyed themselves'
Battle Abbey nursery, Bexhill

'A good variety of movement to music using different instruments and puppets which encourages social development and skills. The children enjoyed it immensely'
Bexhill High School Nursery

'The session was very active and exciting for the children. Everyone including the parents looked like they were having fun'!


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